Corrective Step Foot Health Center  



Full time Podiatric Medical Biller needed for a busy private practice with focus on sports medicine, wound care and general podiatry. Experience billing in podiatry work is a plus. Office is high tech and familiarity and comfort with Mac computers and other Apple products is required.

Insurance requirements are constantly changing and you are required to be self motivated in order to do your due diligence to stay on top of requirements, having a knowledge of LCD’s from Medicare, plan changes, referral requirements, etc. You MUST do your research regularly to be in the know of podiatric billing according to Medicare guidelines in addition to private insurances requirements.

You need to be flexible in your duties and what is required of you in order to complete the daily office tasks. Attention to detail is required, data entry is very important and is necessary in this position.

Must be able to work cooperatively and present self cleanly and professionally. You are self-motivated and able to remember what is expected of you. We are an equal opportunity employer.

This position is very customer-service oriented and requires that the individual possess excellent communication skills (written and verbal) in order to communicate pleasantly with patients, answer phones with articulateness, and collect payments with determination. This position necessitates learning and adaptation. Individuals with experience will be considered with preference.

Billing Responsibilities:

• Work on backlog of claims from clients, payment posting, EOB trend monitoring, research, and educated staff on coding initiatives.

• Manage the aging report for Medicare, and re-billed denials and appeals ensured timely filing of claims; assisting with the daily deposit; sending out monthly statements

• Reviewing, adjusting, and coding claims according to the CCI edits guidelines

• Maintain and update patient files

• Negotiate and appeal claims

• Submitting corrected claims

• Following up with various payers to track payment

• Completing, correcting and editing insurance claim forms

• Reviewing patient records using medical coding procedures.

• Responsible for detecting any coding errors or performing any modifications needed. Informing the doctor of those changes.

• Submitting and tracking audits

Basic responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Make insurance calls and prior authorizations and referrals

Calling PCP offices for information on patients

Interacting with patients (must be very polished in person and on the phone):

Scheduling appointments and surgeries

Enter data for electronic medical records

Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel

Manage billing/collections questions with office manager; collecting and following up on patient payments

To be considered for this position, you must submit by email the following items:

1. Resume

2. Cover letter

Please answer the following questions:

Certifications in billing or experience with billing podiatric care that is equivalent

What about this position attracts you?

How would your previous employers/co-workers describe you?

What is it about yourself can you tell us makes you the perfect fit for this position at this small family owned practice?

3. References

What is your experience in the field? How long? What duties did you have?